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Application for Volunteers

  1. Sunday through Saturday; a.m. vs. p.m.
  2. References
    Please list three references that we may contact regarding your work experience.
  3. Reference 1
  4. Reference 2
  5. Reference 3
  6. Acknowledgment
    As a volunteer for the City of Westbrook I understand that I will not receive compensation for my services and that I am ineligible for benefits provided to city employees.
  7. Contact Information
    For more information, please contact Human Resources at 207-854-9105.
  8. Authorization of Background Investigation
    I hereby authorize the City of Westbrook to conduct an Investigation through the Motor Vehicle Division of the Maine Secretary of State for vehicle related record checks and through the Maine State Bureau of Identification or other source for criminal record checks. I hereby release the City of Westbrook from any and all liability for any claims or damages arising out of its investigation as outlined above or from the City's use of the information provided.

    I understand that if l do not agree to execute this, I will not be considered a volunteer for the City of Westbrook, and that any misrepresentation of information contained herein will preclude me from consideration as a volunteer with the City of Westbrook.
  9. Residential Addresses for the Past 7 Years
  10. Residential Address 1
  11. Residential Address 2
  12. Authorization of Background Investigation
    Applicants under 18 years of age must have a parent or court appointed guardian sign this authorization of background investigation.
  13. Parental Consent
    I hereby give my consent for the above-mentioned applicant to have a background check performed on him/her. Furthermore, I hereby understand and agree to the conditions of this release as described above.
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