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Application for Membership to a Board, Commission or Committee

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  2. Have you attended a meeting?*
    New applicants are strongly encouraged to attend at least one meeting of the board, commission or committee to which they are applying prior to submitting an application for appointment. If not, please contact the Mayor's Office at 591-8110 for assistance in determining a date/time to attend a meeting.

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          1. Are you willing to attend educational or training sessions relevant to the board or committee? *
              1. References
                Please note if you have any relevant references that we may contact.
              2. Please upload a copy of your resume, if available.
              3. Authorization of Background Investigation*
                I hereby authorize the City of Westbrook to conduct an Investigation through the Motor Vehicle Division of the Maine Secretary of State for vehicle related record checks and through the Maine State Bureau of Identification or other source for criminal record checks. I hereby release the City of Westbrook from any and all liability for any claims or damages arising out of its investigation as outlined above or from the City's use of the information provided.

                I understand that if l do not agree to execute this, I will not be considered as a board, commission or committee member for the City of Westbrook, and that any misrepresentation of information contained herein will preclude me from consideration as a board, commission or committee member with the City of Westbrook.

              4. Next Steps
                The Mayor's Office will review all applications submitted for membership to a board, commission or committee. If an opening exists, you may be contacted for a meeting with the Mayor, Department Head and/or Chair of said board, commission or committee to discuss your application.

                Thank you for your interest in serving our community!
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