Sign Up for the Summer Reading Challenge

The summer reading challenge is open to all ages (babies through adults)! Read for 10 hours (or be read to) for the chance to win a prize! See below for information and to sign up!

Oceans of Possibilities Challenge
Our Summer Reading Challenge begins on June 16th and ends on August 31st. All ages are encouraged to participate! There will be grand prizes for Babies - PreK, Kindergarten through 12th grade, and for Adults.

Read for 10 hours this summer and you will be entered into our "End of Summer" raffle to win cool prizes! What counts as reading? Books, graphic novels, audiobooks, ebooks, non-fiction, magazines, and even getting read to by someone else counts as reading!

You can sign up and log your reading online, or print out/pick up our paper log to keep track of your reading minutes.

Sign Up and Log Online

Keep track of your reading minutes on our Summer Reading website.

Paper Log

Download and print out a paper log to color in

Pick a reading log! Want something fun and silly? Choose our Ocean Reading Log and color in a school of fish!

Want something a bit more serious? Choose our Bookshelf Reading Log and color in a whole shelf of books!


Watch a crabby video about summer reading! 

Note: The video may take a couple of seconds to load.