Code Enforcement


The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for administrative and technical work related to permitting for land use, building, plumbing, and electrical work, inspections, and ensuring compliance with City ordinances, codes, and zoning regulations. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and public education to prevent violations. In addition, we assist the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals with application intake and review and agenda preparation.

Code Enforcement Officer (CEO)

The CEO is responsible for ensuring compliance with code regulations, and interprets the Land Use Ordinance in response to development proposals. The CEO is the primary contact for those interested in the development potential of their property. Appointments with the CEO are scheduled through the Office Coordinator/E-911 Addressing Officer.

Assistant Code Enforcement Officer (ACEO)

The ACEO is the principal investigator of problem properties throughout the City and enforces City and State Ordinances and the Property Maintenance Code. The ACEO is also a State Certified Inspector in several fields including Commercial and Residential Building, Internal Plumbing, Subsurface Wastewater, and Residential Electrical. Appointments with the ACEO are scheduled through the Office Coordinator/E-911 Addressing Officer.

Office Coordinator/E-911 Addressing Officer

The Office Coordinator is responsible for the clerical work related to coordinating the tasks & activities of the CEO, ACEO, Assessing, Department Director, Planning Board and Zoning Board. As E-911 Addressing Officer, she is also responsible for assigning new property addresses and resolving property address discrepancies to ensure State of Maine 911 system accuracy so that emergency personnel are readily able to identify and find the locations of emergencies in our municipality.