Business Licenses

All businesses operating as a sole proprietor or partnership in Westbrook and using a business name other then their own personal name need to register their business with our office. There is a one time $10 fee. This is a requirement by Maine State Statute. Many banks also require you to file this form with our office if you want to open a new business account. Corporations are not required to file with our office due to having already filed their business name with the State.

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Westbrook Business Licenses

The first step you should take before opening a business in Westbrook is to contact the Planning, Assessing and Code Enforcement Office. They will provide you with guidance on the zoning location, licenses and permits required for your business.

Certain businesses require city licenses and those applications are the following. In addition to the fees set forth in Appendix B: Master Fee Schedule of the Code of Ordinances, there is a $25 application fee per business and a $27 background investigation fee for each new applicant. More details on these licenses are listed under Chapter 20 in the Code of Ordinances. Certain licenses require prior approval by the City Council. Please contact the City Clerk's Office for further information and assistance with these licenses.