Elected Officials

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The City of Westbrook is divided into five Wards, each of which has a designated City Councilor and School Committee Member. In addition to this, we have several municipal officials who represent the City as a whole, including the Mayor, two At-Large City Councilors and two At-Large School Committee Members. Each of these positions has a 3-year term.

The State of Maine's Voter Information Lookup Service is a great resource to find your voting district and the contact information for all of your elected representatives.

Elected Officials

Position Name Date Elected Next Election
Mayor Michael T. Foley 11/8/22 11/4/25
Councilor, At-Large Michael Shaughnessy 11/2/21 11/5/24
Councilor, At-Large Claude Rwaganje 11/8/22 11/4/25
Councilor, Ward 1 David C. Morse 11/8/22 11/4/25
Councilor, Ward 2 Victor Chau 11/8/22 11/4/25
Councilor, Ward 3 Anna A. Turcotte 11/2/21 11/5/24
Councilor, Ward 4 Gary Rairdon 11/2/21 11/5/24
Councilor, Ward 5 Jennifer Munro 11/8/22 11/4/25
School Committee, At-Large Jeremy McGowan 11/8/22 11/4/25
School Committee, At-Large Suzanne Salisbury 11/2/21 11/5/24
School Committee, Ward 1 Katy Rice 11/2/21 11/5/24
School Committee, Ward 2 Jessica Foley 11/2/21 11/5/24
School Committee, Ward 3 Noreen Poitras 11/8/22 11/4/25
School Committee, Ward 4 Andrea Mancuso 11/8/22 11/4/25
School Committee, Ward 5 Elizabeth Schultz 11/2/21 11/5/24
Portland Water District Rep. Guy Cote 11/5/19 11/4/25

Running for Municipal Office

All individuals seeking to run for municipal office must visit the City Clerk's Office to obtain Nomination Petition Papers, and must collect signatures from registered Westbrook voters to qualify for office. Nomination papers may not be signed more than 120 days prior to the election and must be filed with the City Clerk no later than 60 days prior to the election.

As Westbrook is a municipality with a population of more than 15,000 residents, State law requires that all candidates for municipal office in Westbrook must also file Campaign Finance registration forms. Those candidates that intend to raise or expend funds on their campaigns will also be required to submit periodic campaign finance reports. Visit Campaign Finance for more information.