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The Westbrook Police Department is proud to provide community policing and law enforcement services to our city.

A system of nightwatchmen and constables kept order in Westbrook from the time it became a town in 1814 until it became a city in 1891. Then, a City ordinance authorized the appointment of a City Marshall and three Police Officers and the Westbrook Police Department was established.

Today the Westbrook Police Department consists of 39 sworn Officers and 3 civilian employees, men and women committed to providing our community with the best in public safety. We are dedicated to working in partnership with our citizens, business owners, and civic leaders for the purpose of deterring crime, protecting our city and improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Please call on us if we can be of any assistance to you or your family.


***Please note, the Westbrook Police Department is currently conducting a community survey.***

Are you a Westbrook resident or business owner? If so, then the Westbrook Police Department would like your input. We have created a community survey to obtain information from you on your views of public safety concerns in the City of Westbrook and any contact you’ve had with Westbrook Police Officers. Your input will help Chief Roberts gauge where we should be allocating our resources and potential improvements in our customer service. Your identify will not be known.  Your answers will be completely confidential. If you have any questions related to the survey, please contact Chief Roberts at or 854-0644 ext. 2405.  Thank you in advance for your assistance in completing this survey.  


To take the resident survey, please click on this link: Community Survey

To take the business survey, please click on this link: Business Survey

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