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Inspections Required

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Please call 207-854-9105 Ext 1220 to schedule your appointment

Foundation – is required prior to backfill with damp proof and drainage complete.

Rough Framing, Plumbing & Electrical is required while exposed prior to insulation and drywall.

Chimney and Fireplaces: top of firebox and smoke chamber and completion of the chimney- The Fire Department will be happy to schedule that inspection for you.

Septic Systems- State law now requires a bed bottom inspection in addition to the treatment tank, disposal field and other components prior to backfill. This means 2 inspections are now required.

Final Inspection – Once the project is complete, the Code Enforcement Officer and Electrical Inspector shall conduct a final inspection. An inspection also needs to be done for a change of use, sign, demolition, deck, shed, etc. No occupancy of a structure or portion of a structure shall be permitted until it has passed all final inspections.

Certificate of Occupancy - Upon requesting a C/O the applicant must provide a copy of the certification for the Sprinkler System.

Inspections should be scheduled with at least a 24 to 48 hour notice ahead to prevent construction delays. To schedule these inspections, please call 207-854-0638.

Applicants should also check with the State and Federal Agencies to see if additional permits are required.

Failure to obtain required inspections may result in violation or removal of the work that was not inspected.