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Vital Records

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Certified copies of vital records are available at a rate of $15 for the first copy, and $6 for each additional copy ordered during the same transaction. You may obtain a certified copy in one of three ways: 

  • ORDER IN-PERSON. Visit Westbrook City Hall during our regular business hours, 8:30am - 5pm Monday through Friday.

  • ORDER ONLINE. Click here to order a vital record online.  

  • ORDER BY MAIL. To order a vital record by mail, please send a letter to Westbrook City Clerk's Office, 2 York Street, Westbrook, Maine 04092 with the following: 
    • The name of the person on the vital record
    • Your name, signature, mailing address, phone number and email address
    • A reason for your request
    • A check or money order to pay for the record(s)
    • A self-addressed stamped return envelope

Please note that if you are requesting a record other than your own, you may be required to provide additional documentation in order to prove that you are legally authorized to obtain the record. Contact the City Clerk's Office at 207-591-8131 or for more information.  


Birth certificates are available in cases where (1) the child was born in Westbrook, or (2) the mother was living in Westbrook at the time of birth. Please note that birth certificates issued by hospitals are keepsakes only; these are not legal records. 

Marriage certificates are available in cases where one or the other party resided in Westbrook at the time of marriage.

Death certificates are available in cases where (1) the person died in Westbrook, or (2) the person was residing in Westbrook at the time of death. 


The State of Maine standardized the manner in which vital records were kept in municipalities in 1892. The City of Westbrook thus has consistent records dating back to that year. However, Clerks in office prior to 1892 generally kept their own style of vital records, though they were not recorded in a standardized manner. Thus, the City of Westbrook has various vital records dating back to the 1700s. 

As genealogical research is time consuming, it is not always possible to find a record while a customer waits. We recommend that you contact us at 207-591-8131 or at with any genealogical requests so that we may conduct a thorough review of our records. 

Please note that professional genealogists will be required to provide a Maine CDC Researcher Card in order to obtain vital records.

If we are unable to locate the requested record, please consult the following list of alternative resources: 

  • Town of Falmouth. The City of Westbrook used to be part of the Town of Falmouth until it separated in 1814. 

  • Westbrook Historical Society. The Westbrook Historical Society maintains various community records of historical value such as newspaper clippings, obituaries and cemetery records.

  • Walker Memorial Library. The Library's Local History Room contains various records such as school yearbooks which may assist you in your research. 

  • Maine State Archives. The Maine State Archives contains a collection of records and items of historical significance to the State of Maine.