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Public Safety Commission

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Board members and terms:

Ward 1  David Haskell  January 2020 
Ward 2  William Holmes  January 2021
Ward 3  Bruce Caron  January 2019
Ward 4  Mark Leclair  January 2017
Ward 5  Shannon Merrill  January 2018
At-Large  Mutima Peter  January 2018


Sec. 2-215. Public safety commission established.

A public safety commission of the city is hereby established. (Ord. of 12-6-82)

Sec. 2-216. Membership, appointment, compensation of commission.

(a) The public safety commission shall consist of one member from each ward, not to exceed five (5) members who shall be qualified voters from the city. In addition, the mayor may appoint one member, to serve as an alternate, who shall also be a qualified voter of the city, and who may attend and participate in all commission proceedings, except that he or she may only vote when one or more regular members are absent.

(b) The mayor shall appoint the original members of the commission using the following procedure; for the first terms, he shall appoint one to serve one (1) year, one to serve two (2) years, one to serve three (3) years, one to serve four (4) years and one to serve five (5) years. Thereafter all appointments shall be for a complete term of five (5) years, and the terms of office shall expire on the first day of January.

(c) The members of the commission shall be compensated as approved by the city council. (Ord. of 12-6-82; Ord. of 9-9-96; Ord. of 11-3-08)