One Westbrook


One Westbrook is a community group that resulted from the collaborative efforts of community members, the City of Westbrook, and the Westbrook School Department. This group provides the opportunity to connect with neighbors, business leaders, and school and municipal leadership who value Westbrook as a just, equitable, and inclusive community. All are welcome and encouraged to join.  

One Westbrook is a place for Community Education and Conversation in the spirit of social and racial justice and accountability. We identify community needs and provide solutions-based advocacy. 

Westbrook: a just, equitable, and inclusive community

Our core values are social and racial justice, inclusive representation, and continual learning. We embrace accountability and advocacy through our actions. 


There are several subcommittees within One Westbrook, primarily focused on building connections, particularly within vulnerable or marginalized communities, identifying community needs, barriers, and opportunities for strategic advocacy, and providing DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) educational opportunities for Westbrook. Some initiatives include:

  • Hosting community gatherings
  • Organizing community resource fairs
  • Arranging educational and professional development events


One Westbrook meeting are held from 4pm - 5pm on the first Tuesday of every month, and are open to the public. At present, all meetings are held remotely via Zoom. All are welcome and encouraged to join. 

Learn More

For more information, or to join the One Westbrook mailing list, please contact Amanda Atkinson-Lewis, Equity Resources Coordinator for the Westbrook School Department and Facilitator of One Westbrook.