Graduates 17-02

(Left to Right: C. Young, D. Higgins, N. Bue, W. Devoe, K. Montoya, C. Libby, A. Vining, A. Levesque)

The Westbrook Fire Department is proud to congratulate the graduates of the 17-02 recruit class: FF Caleb Young. FF David Higgins, FF Nicholas Bue, FF Wayne  Devoe, FF Kevin Montoya, FF Cameron Libby, FF Adam Vining, and FF Adam Levesque. Surrounded by family, friends, and fellow colleagues, on December 14th 2017 the graduates became full-fledged members of the Westbrook Fire & Rescue Department after several weeks of training. During the ceremony, each of these men received their badge numbers, shields, and collar brass.

Chief Andrew Turcotte, Deputy Chief Stephen Sloan, Captain’s Chris Shepard and Mark Theriault all spoke about the rigors of training, the traits of a good public servant, and the responsibility that comes with wearing a Westbrook Fire uniform.  All four officers thanked the countless individuals and businesses that assisted in ensuring that this drill school was a success.  Deputy Chief Sloan, in his opening remarks, talked about the importance of life-long education and training saying, “That while you have all graduated, your training, learning and your experience of life, will never really finish.  What you have shown is that you are capable and worthy of continuing that training.”

Chief Turcotte told the graduates that in order “to be a firefighter you have to be fit, both mentally and physically.  You have to be diligent, resourceful and outgoing.  You will come to know your comrades better than anyone else in the world.  You will have to live with them, and in an emergency be prepared to risk your life for them.  Perhaps most tellingly of all, you may even have to cook for them!” 

In closing, the Fire Chief thanked the members of the department and the families who were in attendance, stating, “Today your families and friends are here to celebrate with you. They are, undoubtedly proud of you and rightly so.  They know how hard you had to work to reach this day and you have proved that you are worthy of the name firefighter and fit to wear the Westbrook Fire Rescue uniform.”

Earlier this year, the Westbrook Fire & Rescue Department was awarded the Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant from the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency, a grant which totaled 1.7 million dollars between the Federal government and the City's share. This award provides the funds to the Westbrook Fire & Rescue Department to add staffing to both the Prides' Corner Station and the Public Safety Building, allowing the Department to keep providing the highest level of service to the Westbrook community.

The Westbrook Fire & Rescue Department extends their sincerest gratitude to the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Management Agency for supporting the Department and to the Westbrook City Council who gave final approval to accept this grant.